India Design Mark

Objectives of India Design Mark

  • To recognize good design based on clearly established parameters and by following a transparent process of recognition
  • To augment the competitiveness of Indian industrial output for domestic consumption and export markets
  • To promote an industrial value system, which has regard for reducing waste, being eco-friendly, produce sustainable products; produce products that are reusable, repairable and recyclable
  • To serve as a reference for purchase decision as it signifies good design not only in terms of how good the product looks, but also the product quality, functionality, quality, usability and social responsibility
  • To communicate the inherent value proposition of the product and hence act as a brand extension for the product
  • To increase design awareness and promote value of design in the industry and society by promoting India Design
  • Acting as a primary knowledge management body for design in India- integrate domestic cultural and creative design information, building a platform to share and exchange knowledge, exploring creativity - operate a design database
  • Undertaking awareness programs in IPR in the Design Industry - Provide workshops on Intellectual Property management and design